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Diversity & Inclusion

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Why We Care

Tangerine Search is a Woman-Owned, Woman-Led, Certified LGBT Business Enterprise. We believe deeply in inclusion for everyone in the workplace and our recruiting practices are rooted in valuing employees and candidates for their contributions.

Right now, many people with marginalized identities are under-represented at the workplace, particularly in leadership roles. The team at Tangerine Search is committed to inclusive hiring practices and advocating for people from all backgrounds to progress through their careers to roles with more agency, better compensation, and a voice in key decisions.

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We network with job seekers from all backgrounds and help our clients build genuinely inclusive hiring practices and minimize bias. For us, it’s not a  fine-print non-discrimination disclosure on the periphery of our legal documents, it is central to everything we do every day.

Better for Business

Every company needs voices in the room that can relate to their customers. Your customers will come from many different backgrounds and lived experiences and so should your employees. Having diversity in thought, experience, and problem solving creates opportunities for connection and understanding to support creative, solution-based productivity. When your employees feel seen, heard, represented, and valued, they perform better and collaborate openly without fear of judgment.

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We’re an NGLCC Certified LGBTBE

If you’re committed to diversifying your supplier base, we’re happy to share our certifications for your procurement team!

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